A Smarter Way To Buy Bread and FedEx Routes

Get honest, unbiased due diligence training on buying a profitable route business.

Bread route and FedEx contracts are frequently transferred 100s of times annually. You could be only 6-8 weeks away from finding a route for sale, evaluating it, getting financed, and taking over the weekly income on the operation.

But there’s a catch…

Many routes have serious flaws, but there’s a science to discovering the great routes.

Do NOT gamble your money and buy a business before you learn the techniques known only by route pros to establish realistic valuations, cash flow, risk levels, working capital needs, and operational requirements.

These strategies are proprietary to routes. Sellers and brokers either don’t know of these methods and if they do, they’re not incentivized to share these secrets with you.

Now you can learn the exact methods that have been refined and taught for over 10 years. These strategies are used by actual contractors – not biased brokers and sellers that are only trying to sell you the business.

There’s 4 steps to acquiring a cash flow generating route business:


Can you succeed with it?

Routes are unlike typical businesses where the majority fail and only a few experience success. Instead, the majority of people find success with routes, but definitely not everyone. There’s ways to better know whether you’ll both love AND succeed with this business.


Can you get financed?

Many banks claim to finance routes but often will drop the ball, leaving buyers stranded. There’s only a few specific banks that have a proven track record financing these businesses typically with only a 20% down payment.


How do you evaluate it?

Brokers always work for the seller and are incentivized to convince everyone, regardless of route quality or buyer suitability, to buy the business they’re selling. We use proprietary methods specific to routes to see if the owner is inflating the net income and much more.


Acquiring and Operating

Understand solid frameworks for establishing a valuation for the business, manage the transition, and be prepared for when taking over the operation. I also work with owners to provide strategies that we see the most successful of contractors use.

There’s 3 common players in every acquisition:

The Seller

Sellers usually decide to sell when either: 1) Things are getting bad, 2) The business is not in line with what the owner expected in terms of time commitment, income levels, scalability, and risk. Or 3) They’re simply ready for something new.

The Broker

Good brokers are valuable and help sellers present their business for sale. But brokers work for and coach sellers on how to make the route as attractive as possible by glossing over potential problems. Some brokers are more honest and transparent, but even those brokers can be misled by unscrupulous sellers that know how to hide red flags.

The Buyer

Buyers of routes are mostly experienced in business concepts in general, but have no direct experience with the unique aspects of routes and (hopefully) realize that brokers and sellers are not going to reveal the secrets they need to know about analyzing routes.

For smart buyers, they bring in the 4th player:

The Inspector

Just like a home inspector, the inspector works essentially for the buyer and shows the flaws with a home, and potential risks of owning the home. Think of the training here just like a bringing in an inspector but simply for routes. The training here will allow you to evaluate specific deals to:

a) Find the problems yourself,

b) Estimate the cost to fix those problems and most importantly,

c) How you can fix the issues, reduce your risk massively and create a business you’ll love.

Why buying a “bad” route is sometimes a great idea.

Consider that if the owner was convinced by the broker that “this business is really simple,” and was convinced that the only analysis to do with a route is to figure out the net income. That buyer may have bought a route and be cash flowing $300k a year, but hates the business because they want to scale to $600k / yr, realizes they can’t, and wants to sell.

Their “bad” business is great for someone that’s looking to make $300k a year.

We can take just about any route out there, find out the real reasons the seller wants to sell, determine if and how it can be fixed to be a great business for you. Then you can properly determine if it’s still the right business to buy or not.

How I can help you find, evaluate, and acquire a good route


Work together directly via live screen shares, direct emails, custom made videos, and phone calls. We do whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable understanding the business well enough to make an offer, systematically establish an offer amount, or even know when exactly to walk away.

Self Paced Training

My courses are hyper efficient and meant to get you to the point of understanding the business fully without needless fluff that plagues typical courses. You’ll learn methods to identify risk points with precision, estimate realistic cash flow levels both now and in future , and which businesses are more “absentee” vs 60 hour-a-week nightmares (psst…a “manager in place” has no correlation with it either).

About me

I’m a former route contractor that started the idea of evaluation training as a route consultant for buyers over 10 years ago.

I’ve worked with countless contractors, media outlets, logistics research agencies, route engineers, terminal managers, drivers, and managers to be able to figure out the most powerful strategies used to evaluate these businesses both quickly and effectively.

I love training people about the how to find the best routes out there and helping people make a better decision on whether they could find success with routes or not.

No BS, no hype, no fluff and no pressure. Enjoy!

10+ YEARS of Happy Clients

Over 1000 training calls, 4.9 Star Average Rating

No fake reviews here – these are publicly verifiable reviews pulled from the Clarity.fm Expert network.

WOW! Tony blew me away. He earns the nickname 5 star Tony!! He provided great insight for my business and I think he just brought me 3 steps forward from a simple 15 minute conversation!! Thanks, Tony! – Neil P

Invaluable advice. A great 3rd party view of a potential route purchase! – Shane W

Tony provided an unbiased overview of the actual requirements and expectations in operating a FedEx route business and provided more clarity to the actual day to day challenges. – David W

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