What business are you most interested in:

FedEx Linehaul or Bread Route

Bread routes (ie. Snyder’s-Lance, Pepperidge Farm, Flowers Bakeries, Bimbo Bakeries, Mission Tortilla) or Linehaul routes can easily be covered by working together directly via a training call.

FedEx P&D / Ground

2 Courses to choose from for P&D:

Fundamentals of Route Analysis Course

Advanced Route Evaluation Strategies Course

Fundamentals of Route Analysis Course

Learn the exact process used to find, evaluate, and identify a profitable FedEx P&D / Ground route business, without all the needless risk.


  • Generate revenue your first week 
  • Avoid the risk of a start up or a new franchise without historical cashflow
  • Purchase many routes with as little as 20% down
  • Lifestyle business (ability to work 10 hours a week in some cases)
  • Higher success rates than many franchises
  • No stress of sales or marketing
  • Have territory that is legally protected
  • Work with a billion dollar brand
  • Be in an industry that is established but growing rapidly
  • Verifiable financials, documentation directly from FedEx
  • No accounts receivable headaches
  • Many routes generate net incomes well over $100k

These are just some of the many claims that brokers want you to believe…

Good news: These actually can be true for good routes, and there’s systematic methods you can learn to identify those routes.

Bad news: Routes aren’t always a good fit for everyone, and there are many routes on the market that are have serious problems and should be avoided.

Worse news (for people buying routes with no training): It’s impossible to tell which route is legit or not without knowing a set of proprietary strategies used to evaluate routes specifically.


  • Determine if FedEx routes are going to be the business you LOVE owning
  • Find a specific route to focus on
  • Know if a specific listing is worth evaluating more deeply
  • Understand high level valuation and profitability statistics 

This course is the ultimate guide created from actual contractor’s experience to show you step by step on the specifics of acquiring a route successfully and reducing the risk factors common with purchasing a business.

Analyzing documentation from FedEx lowers the chance of severe misrepresentation, but only when you know how FedEx works specifically. Without this knowledge, FedEx routes are VERY easily to manipulate and distort based when using typical due diligence methods. Many successful proprietary strategies are counter-intuitive but this training will get you informed quickly on how to go about this process like a pro.

Regardless of whether you purchase a route specifically or not, you win when you learn how to buy a good route business or even avoid them entirely.


  • Learn whether routes are a good fit in general
  • Understand a typical REAL ‘day in the life’ of many contractors
  • Know typical backgrounds and experience of highly successful owners (and it’s not logistics)
  • Understand the truth behind scaling this business 
  • Determine what it actually takes to succeed long term
  • Find routes and evaluate listings on a high level and identify red flags
  • Learn to see certain elements that make an acquisition higher risk
  • Discover what terminal managers expect from contractors
  • Understand how much time it actually takes to run this business successfully
  • Understanding why some routes are “absentee owned” and others strangely aren’t
  • Access valuation metrics and frameworks to see whether a route is potentially overpriced
  • See why many banks consider routes to be high-risk
  • Understand why some routes fail but others succeed
  • Discover the good, bad, and ugly of routes that sellers hide
  • Know why are so many routes are already for sale recently
  • Get the list of specific documentation you should always get for every deal
  • Know what pieces of common due diligence documentation are useless and why
  • Discover the strange problem of working with an honest broker
  • Be aware of what things in a listing to look out for
  • Understand the mental framework required for successful fleet management
  • See why some routes have higher valuations and why they’re better than others (and it’s not just the profitability)
  • Learn the truth on why looking at margins and percentages of revenue is one of the worst ways to estimate profits
  • How successful contractors actually grow their operations
  • Avoid misleading strategies sellers use to “prove” upside potential
  • Learn why the net income of the route is just 1 of 3 ways contractors can profit
  • Understanding common negotiation strategies specific to routes


MYTH 1: If you already know how to read P&Ls, balance sheets, tax returns, and/or even have bought businesses in the past, you don’t need to any help with evaluation. Business is business, and numbers don’t lie.

This course is geared specifically towards smart people that already have a solid business background. Unless you know how routes work on a very deep level, it’s impossible to evaluate a route using common evaluation documentation such as tax returns, 1099s, payroll, etc.

Managing routes successfully requires solid business skills and isn’t some magic effortless way for people with no skills to just “get rich” like sellers want you to think.

Business expertise is needed to operate a successful route business, but operational skills are almost useless for the evaluation of routes. This is because routes are contractual relationships, and not independent businesses.

MYTH 2: Doing research online is all that’s needed to evaluate a route.

This training is helpful even if you’ve “done your research,” as all the ‘free’ content online is mostly from sellers, brokers, or people that have no real experience with routes. Some info is good, but due to the inherent bias of most of it, the chance that someone could distinguish which piece of information is incomplete, exaggerated, wrong, highly exceptional, or actually accurate, is impossible.

MYTH 3: The operations of this business are simple, therefore the evaluation process is too.

The evaluation process for routes is far more complex than many simple businesses due to the contractual aspects of the business making it not line up with normal expectations.

MYTH 4: I’ve worked in logistics in the past, so I’m already an expert.

Working in logistics doesn’t tell you why one contract would be better than the other, when a contract is potentially about to be terminated, or have massive upcoming changes that could radically affect the business and so on. 


It is NOT a general business concepts / acquisition course, but will show very powerful frameworks for acquiring other businesses you may decide to purchase.
It is NOT going to guarantee precisely what a route is making, what you’ll make in the future, or magically eliminate all your risk. 
It is NOT just focusing on the positives of routes. While routes have been a fantastic investments for a thousands of contractors, some owners have significant losses, and there are serious pros and cons that make them not a good fit for many people.


✅ It’s NOT made by a broker / seller that distorts the good, bad, and ugly of routes
✅ Focuses on the more important aspects of the business – not just estimating profit levels
✅ Doesn’t hide the methods to uncover when a route is high-risk
✅ Shows strategies to uncover good profitable routes
✅ Helps determine what’s true or not from sellers
✅ Doesn’t require intrusive or hard to obtain documentation from the seller
✅ Strategies used are ultra efficient and don’t waste time
✅ Uses effective methods for evaluation that don’t use sloppy metrics like “profit margins”


🔰 Serious about buying a business
🔰 Experienced in business and know generic evaluation methods
🔰 Can take risks and know investments can fail
🔰 Not looking for motivation fluff
🔰 Not looking for someone to tell them whether or not to “do it.”
🔰 Can make decisions themselves when given proper tools and strategies
🔰 Business savvy in general, but needs to know the nuts and bolts of routes


🔰 Content is based on questions from 1000+ training calls spanning over 10 years 
🔰 Focuses on speed and results, not “50 hours” of fluffy filler content that wastes time
🔰 No hype or typical seller’s bias claiming everyone will be “rich and happy” if they just buy a route
🔰 Determine if routes in general are the right business or not to purchase
🔰 Content highly focused on routes more than general business concepts


🔰 Step 1 – Start with the Fundamentals of Route Analysis course. This gives a high level method for assessing suitability, understanding expectations, risks, determining if a specific route is worth evaluating, and much more. 

🔰 Step 2 – Progress to the Advanced FedEx Route Due Diligence Strategies training after completing the Fundamentals course. The Fundamentals course evaluates routes in general, but the Advanced course deals with how to analyze a specific route.

🔰 Step 3 – If desired, we can work together personally going over the evaluation on the specific deal you’re looking at.


🔰 Mid and high level corporate employees
🔰 Existing business owners looking to shift to routes
🔰 C-Level executives from banks, publicly traded companies, etc.
🔰 Political leaders
🔰 Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors
🔰 Private Equity Groups
🔰 Hedge Funds
🔰 Self employed professionals such as CPAs, Lawyers, and Doctors


Learn how to deeply analyze a specific FedEx Ground route deal
Assess reasonable profitability estimates
Establish a reasonable and fair valuation
Picks up where the Fundamentals of Route Evaluation leaves off
Avoid common pitfalls with many route acquisitions and increase your odds of success 
Takes 1-2 weeks usually to complete deeper evaluation due to time it takes to review course material, get docs from the seller, analyze the sellers answers, etc.
Establish a systematic way to determine the upside or downside potential of the deal
Explore deeper valuation strategies for a specific deal
Analysis frameworks for all 8 components of route 
Crafted from the experience of evaluating countless sets of routes for over 10 years
Frequently updated with info based on contractors, managers, research agencies, new agencies, etc.


✅ Brings together all the concepts from the Advanced Strategies course with me at your side personally
✅ I share my screen so you can watch me build out a P&L, find the hidden issues, and establish a valuation
✅ Learn the complete process, with nothing held back, so you can feel totally confident in evaluating other deals as well
✅ Have me personally go over the evaluation work you’ve done so far to see if there’s been anything missed
✅ Go from start to finish on a deal, look over specific documentation / settlements and analyze the data together
✅ Discuss answers from seller on our questions asked to see if they’re reasonable or potentially suspect
✅ Deal with any unusual or unique aspects of the deal

Act now! Supplies limited! Seriously though, the 1-on-1 training gets temporarily removed on occasion so I can always ensure I have availability. If you’re interested in working together, we can discuss timelines and whether it’s a good fit by scheduling a call.

Fundamental Course FAQ

Back up a couple steps and take the Fundamentals course to make sure routes are even a good fit. If so, then progress into the Advanced Strategies for Route Analysis course.
The Fundamentals of Route Analysis, which will tell you whether a route is worth looking into at all on a high level, and also help you determine whether routes are a good fit, takes most people around 1-2 hours but has about 3+ hours of content. The Advanced Strategies for Route Analysis will take several hours and usually takes 1-2 weeks to learn, analyze, and get questions answered from the seller.
No. This training does not place you in a route, nor does it necessarily even encourage you to do so, as it teaches you ways to determine if routes are a good fit or not. It is knowledge compiled from over a decade of experience in routes that simply can not be obtained through any typical “buy a business” type literature.
Yes, you can schedule a paid training call on the Clarity consultant network here - Click Here to Schedule a Training Call. These calls should primarily be used to discuss linehaul or bread routes only. If you’re looking at Ground routes, the course will be able to cover info both more quickly, with more detail and likely be less costly. The Fundamentals of Route Analysis course answers about 99% of the questions people will have, but definitely schedule a call if you have a unique situation.
Yes - I have a full 30-day money back guarantee for all of my courses, because I know the info contained will help make or save you tons of time (and money). You should know that regardless of general business expertise, or how much you've read online from brokers, that you will find information here that is massively valuable in terms of your time or money. If that's somehow not the case for you, I'll happily refund you.
You can’t pay me enough. Understanding the business yourself is required for success. Also a “good” route might be a disaster depending on several factors unique to your personal situation. While failure is always possible in any route, for the owners that can’t be bothered to learn about a million dollar investment, their failure in this business is nearly inevitable. My goal is to help people, not try to make every dollar possible – therefore “100% done for you” analysis is not offered at any price because I truly want you to succeed with this business.

Bold Print Disclaimers:

I am not an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, or currently affiliated with FedEx corporate in any way.

I make no “recommendations,” and give no “approvals,” nor know your personal situation to advise whether routes are a good fit for you.

The information you obtain here should augment, not replace, your own decision making abilities. It is not intended to be personalized advice whatsoever.

Information is presented as truly and accurately as possible and based around actual experience in the route industry, but shouldn’t be misconstrued as infallible and/or somehow completely without error.

Most importantly, business ownership is risky even with the best due diligence process ever. People that can’t accept risk should NOT purchase this course.

For more details on the service and course, check out the FAQ here – RouteTycoon.com/Consulting-FAQ/

Your Instructor:


I am an ex-FedEx contractor that promised to myself that if FedEx routes ended up being a good investment for me, that I would help other people help learn about FedEx routes. This was over 10 years ago when I purchased routes, and there were very few brokers at that time, and almost no information online. 

Most people are lulled into believing that “simple operations” equate to “simple due diligence,” and it’s not true.

After I was in the terminal, I was lucky to be taken under the wing of the largest contractor, whom I jokingly referred to as “The Route Tycoon.” Succeeding in routes shouldn’t be all about getting “lucky,” and with this training, you can avoid a lot of common mistakes new buyers make.

These days, there’s almost too much info online, and it’s highly biased, and/or from questionable sources. There’s also countless brokers, and even other ‘advisors’ that I’ve watched come and go throughout the years.

Most of the route consultants and advisors that are out there are on the seller side. While they provide a very valuable service, it becomes less valuable for buyers, as that’s not their primary client.

This training is geared to be on the buyer’s side.

Unlike some contractors, I have an deep understanding of both the high AND low-level aspects of this business. I have trained on route hyper-optimization techniques, driven trucks personally, flipped routes, managed routes, and coached contractors.

I started the simple idea of buyer side route training over 10 years ago. Many people have tried to copy this service but many have gone and/or converted to selling routes primarily.

I have a passion for training, and hope that shows through. I’m excited for you to learn about one of the best opportunities out there and honored to guide you through a process I’ve honed over 10 years that will undoubtedly help with your evaluation.

(Countless more reviews found on Clarity)

Jordan F

Tony went over a FedEx opportunity in-depth with me and really looked under all the rocks he could find. Very methodical – told me what to look out for. He rated the deal – and gave me an expectation of what to pay.
In a few short words – He’s the man that can save you tons of headaches and plenty of money!!

Henry A

Tony knows a lot that he can understand, interpret and give you a response immediately about all your questions route related. Definitely worth it to talk to Tony if you’re thinking about routes. Talking to the seller or brokers won’t give you the clear picture that Tony explains to you.

Tom B

Tony pulled back the curtain and revealed several aspects of the Route business, specifically the FEDEX Route business that a novice wouldn’t consider on their own. Very insightful!

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee for ALL my courses

  1. I get it. You’re not sure that the material included in these courses isn’t something you already know like what’s in other courses. I guarantee that the information included here is not the stuff you can just do a quick Google search on, nor has the typical biased slant from sellers. You could have a dozen MBAs, a team of CPAs and lawyers with decades of experience in M&A and it won’t get you from A-Z for route evaluation as fast, or as thoroughly, as this.
  2. If for whatever reason you feel like these courses don’t save you more than your investment in this course, just let me know and I’ll refund you fully.
  3. I’ve taught my strategies to over 1,000 people over 10+ years and am extremely confident that what I’ve got contained in these courses is the stuff to get you the point of finding the RIGHT business, making an offer or passing in both record time (with NO typical course fluff) while focusing deep in the hidden parts of a route that you’d never see in a typical evaluation.
  4. Plain and simple – if this course doesn’t help your evaluation process immensely and/or save you countless hours regarding your evaluation or negotiations, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings.