Route Tycoon

FedEx Route Owners and Current Contractor's Resources

RouteTycoon works with several different vendors that can help with a variety of contractor’s needs. These introductions are free If you’re a current contractor (or prior route evaluation student) and want to be put in contact with any of the following vendors / partners. 

  • Truck Leasing
  • Route Expansion Loans
  • Driver Workers Comp Insurance
  • Driver Health Insurance
  • Most Successful Split-tested Driving Job Listing
  • Route Navigation Software
  • Best Route Broker with Commission Discounts
  • New Driver Training & Continuing Education
  • Free phone consultation to share information discussing recent / upcoming changes at FedEx with your business (Limited Time Offer)
  • Route Valuation Frameworks without false promises, hyped up valuations, and without the pressure to get you to sign a listing agreement