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Unfortunately this is unlikely. Successful route ownership requires owners skilled in planning and time management to try to decrease the amount of “emergencies” while operating. Your due diligence process requires this skill as well, so don’t get pinned down to unreasonable deadlines during your due diligence and plan ahead appropriately.
The due diligence process we’ll cover should reduce your risk substantially in the acquisition. However, any business acquisition will always be risky, and while we’ll eliminate many uncertainties, there will still be things we’ll never know. Risk beyond the due diligence of the route also exists in the form of changing contractors requirements, contract terminations due to mismanagement, increased competition (eg. Amazon), and other unknown inherent business risks.
Not necessarily. We cover training concepts widely applicable to routes, as some routes may not be a good fit, go off market, sell to others, have unresponsive brokers, or not allow financing. We can’t control these things. What we CAN control is training you to better make a personal decision on whether to pursue / pass on a route. Only you can assess whether you have the skills, desire, financial capabilities, and risk tolerance of owning a route. My goal is to help you understand this industry deeply such that you have more info to better make that decision.
Yes, but not as much as you’d think. Just like previous business acquisitions won’t help with evaluating routes properly, the converse is also true: understanding FedEx routes won’t help you with understanding other best practices for due diligence outside of FedEx routes. Core concepts of business ownership are universally valuable. However, the concepts I teach of massive value are proprietary business concepts specific to routes, and can sometimes be very counter intuitive.
Some brokers won’t respond for many days (sometimes never) after you ask about a route. If we don’t have a route that we can get info on, we don’t have anything the course can really train you fully with, and it may be best to wait until you’re sure a route is available before grabbing the training.
I wish I could. No one can predict the future and this service is essentially training you on a very solid methodology of evaluating routes. Even with a very solid methodology for due diligence like I teach with routes, there will still be income swings due to unpredictable events and large inherent risks in operating all businesses, regardless of the amount of due diligence performed. No due diligence process can guarantee anything, nor can it tell you the future.
No. Due diligence helps you understand this business model better, establish estimated net income financial models, understand the valuation of a FedEx route, and mitigate risk as well as discover risk points that will be inherent in the industry regardless of the amount or extent of evaluation. Buying businesses, FedEx or others, is inherently risky, and while good due diligence reduces risk dramatically, there will still be risk remaining that can’t be eliminated.
Managers quit, move, get injured, and get fired over a long enough time line. Only you can assess your abilities / skills to operate a business. Business ownership takes physical and mental effort and the training presumes you already have a strong business acumen developed and simply need to understand the FedEx model specifically to make a better decision on assessing the risks and obligations of this industry.
Line haul is a different business model than Home Delivery or Ground. Its due diligence process is different, its risk/rewards are different, and its owner involvement levels are totally different as well. If you’re interested in line haul routes, grab a training call to make sure you understand what this business model is and if it’s even something you’re interested in. You can schedule a training call by clicking here.
Grab a training call or go through the Fundamentals of Route Analysis course. I’ve worked with hedge funds, private equity groups, large publicly traded banks, and investment groups numerous times. Scaling these businesses is a bit tricky – you should just grab a quick call to fully understand it before you spend a lot of time considering the FedEx business model. You can schedule a call here -

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There are some average timelines to be aware of:
Email responses: 24-48 hours (rarely less than 24 hours, never more than 48 hours)
Shorter Clarity calls being scheduled: 24-48 hours
Average time for evaluation based on course methods: 5-15 days
Average time for route transfer after agreed upon offer: 6-12 weeks
You move at your own pace but it takes most people 1-2 weeks to go through the process of doing on-site evaluations, getting answers from sellers and reviewing them, etc.
No. If you don’t understand the business enough to talk to those parties, then we need to work on that before pushing you to buy a business you don’t even understand – the results of something like that are not going to be good for you.
My goal is to help you, not push you into buying something you don’t understand. We need to spend more time to cover some basics to get you comfortable with the business.
No, but it’s typically not ever needed. NDAs is mainly to protect brokers rightfully getting their commission for aiding the sale, and also so you don’t share the information about the business with people unrelated to your business decision. Therefore, typically your CPAs, spouse, business partner, attorney, adviser, etc doesn’t need to sign an NDA. Read what you’re signing (or consult an attorney), but I’ve yet to see a legitimate broker that has an NDA that prevents you from conferring with your team to make a decision.
We can definitely discuss what this may entail, but usually once you see me evaluate a single deal together, you'll be much better able to evaluate other deals on your own.
This doesn’t help you if I just spit out “good” or “bad” like a magic oracle. We can definitely spend time together going over the documentation that doesn’t make sense. The goal is always to get you to the point of being able to evaluate a route yourself and for us to go through those docs so you understand exactly what I'm looking for, and more importantly, why I'm looking at it.
This service is about training you to understand core concepts of route ownership. I’m not a lawyer, don’t write/approve contracts, and give no “approvals” whatsoever on any decision you personally undertake in regards to the information shared on this site or service. My goal is to present enough information so you’re greatly aided in being able to determine for yourself if you have the time / skill to be successful, as only you can make that determination.
If you’re looking for any guarantees on the future, this service (as well as business ownership in general) may unfortunately not be what you’re looking for.
You can schedule a call to discuss availability, the scope of evaluation and whether it'd be a good fit by going to: Free Consultation