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The best lending options for FedEx routes and bread routes continues to change throughout time. Some companies that I’ve really felt great on started to tighten their grip and not lend as much, which forces me to do my best to seek other firms that can get you the best options. Other firms have stepped up and gotten many people some excellent terms for loans on FedEx and bread routes.

When you fill out the form, I’ll be able to see your answers and determine whom best to put you in touch with. I always appreciate any feedback to know if I should continue to refer people to certain places or not. 

Lending is still a difficult part of this business regardless, and it’s not guaranteed or easy in many cases. For many years, this industry has been primarily filled with cash buyers. 

Only you can determine your financial capacity and risk tolerance when considering getting a loan for a route and you need to personally evaluate carefully the options that may be presented to you to determine if it’s the right way for you to proceed. You should consider all your loan options and I’m sure there are other banks out there that have successfully gotten people loans on routes, however, my hope is that the company that I work with will be an excellent starting point of being able to find a reasonable option. 

Lenders that are mentioned here pay for the leads generated from this form, since I work with these lenders. If you are a lender that has successfully, and repeatedly, funded FedEx or Bread routes at reasonable rates, please contact me to see if your firm can qualify to receive lending leads.


Unsecured financing for $50-$250k
Great for bread routes and/or other small businesses. FICO OF 700+ REQUIRED.
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