Getting Financed for FedEx and Bread routes

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FedEx Route Financing Key Points:

The reality is that if you have about 20% of a down payment available for the route you’re interested in, that usually is enough to have a reasonable chance to get financed.

Many banks that say they can finance you will fall through at the last part of the deal.

There’s only a few lenders that have repeatedly and successfully financed routes.

Even if you have a financing option already, it may be beneficial to get a competing quote that may have better terms – this could save you thousands in fees, and interest as well as provides a backup lender to keep things moving forward.

Getting a loan initially is usually far easier than buying the business with cash and afterwards trying to ‘refinance’ the business after you acquire it. Most loans are provided for acquisitions only and NOT for pulling equity out of the business.

Don’t think of getting financed like pre-qualifying for a house. Some deals we can easily get funded that are selling for $900k, but can’t finance a cheaper $600k deal. Banks judge routes on many criteria beyond just the truck fleet, tax returns, and net income claims.

Unlike typical businesses that aren’t contract based like routes, some deals can NOT be financed regardless of asking price, net income, or fleet due to a variety of reasons due to contractual aspects. The only way to know is to start digging into the deal to see how the operations are. Each operation can be extremely unique in the route world.

A prequalified deal does NOT mean it’s “safer” than others that aren’t already prequalified. Many banks have no idea the upcoming contractual changes that affect profitability, nor do many understand business aspects unique to FedEx routes only (ie. Upcoming ISP requirements, High vs low Variable Charges on the settlements, eCommerce vs Density Delivery payouts, etc). It’s a bank’s job to get you financed, not perform your evaluation of the deal.

The banks I work with love to lend on routes, but some banks incorrectly consider routes in general to be “high risk.” This is because some banks soured on routes after numerous defaults by unknowingly lending on high-risk deals thinking they’re low risk due to an invalid evaluation process. Don’t let some bank’s poor opinion of routes distract you from the reality that finding high income and lower risk deals is possible with a proprietary evaluation process.

Only you can determine your financial capacity and risk tolerance when considering getting a loan for a route and you need to personally evaluate carefully the options that may be presented to you to determine if it’s the right way for you to proceed. You should consider all your loan options and I’m sure there are other banks out there that have successfully gotten people loans on routes, however, my hope is that the company that I work with will be an excellent starting point of being able to find a reasonable option. 

Remember that while I work with these banks, I only receive any payment if the bank actually SUCCESSFULLY funds your deal. Therefore, it’s in my best interest to only refer you to banks that ACTUALLY can get you funded.


Unsecured financing for $50-$250k.
Great for bread routes and/or other small not route related businesses. FICO OF 700+ REQUIRED.
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