Who is the Route Tycoon?

tony dinitto

When I first began looking into a route to purchase, I really needed access to unbiased information.  There were two types of people with information, and neither was on my side. Back then there was no one out there that was dedicated to helping people navigate the risks of route ownership.

All of the information on buying a business was more generic business advice that was useless in regards to FedEx routes. That is why I started this consulting service; to provide unbiased consulting to those considering route ownership.

Biases came from two sources – 


Brokers are always an agent of the seller. That’s where their commission is coming from. That doesn’t mean that these guys are always unscrupulous by any means. And routes of all kinds can be great, doesn’t matter if it’s a Pepperidge Farm route, FedEx Route, Mission Route, Flowers Route, or a Bimbo route.

If only we lived in a perfect world though. Unfortunately, we don’t. 

Barney looking confused
Sometimes brokers are just as confused as you.

A lot of times brokers aren’t experienced in routes specifically and don’t know the right questions to ask the seller while drafting up a listing. Other brokers (hopefully not in business long) will straight up avoid telling you critical info that you need to know about a route. Many other brokers simply don’t have the time to get you up to speed enough to tell you whether routes are even a good idea for you or not. Out of all the people I work with, some will discover they are simply not suited for a route. The rest end up getting a route and start to make a great income.

Many brokers only want to work with people that are experienced route owners already.

Therefore, many brokers seem short or even snide when dealing with someone new to the industry. For them, they simply don’t want to take the time to get everyone up to speed.

That’s why I’m here – To be your personal coach to help you understand this industry. 


The seller obviously has biases as well. Sometimes problems are hidden, sometimes not. Sometimes they have problems that they face that they’ll pass right onto you, such as poor methods for retaining employees, route optimization mismanagement, and so on. They think, “this is just part of the job,” when in reality, many management missteps can be avoided with several years experience. Again, this is where I can personally help you make sure you’re not making these mistakes.

Even still…you would only purchase a consultation when you feel certain I can help you. 

The Route Tycoon: 

I started looking for and bought my first batch of routes in Virginia back in 2008. Routes have been a blessing for me for sure. I’m sure it’s probably somewhat a new world for you as it is for many people. A lot of times people don’t know that there’s a safer option between buying an established business from an individual or buying a franchise. When I bought my first route, I did so nervously without any guidance or coaching.

The broker misled me in some misunderstandings we both had. He was a good guy, but he just didn’t know.

My friends and colleagues thought I was nuts – no one had ever heard of routes, and there was no help on the internet. I felt like I was potentially going on a very expensive trip to Las Vegas. I got lucky and dodged several bullets almost by accident when I got the route. I felt like I had to take some major risks though since there was no one to help me, but that’s thankfully not the case for you.

Throughout the following years, I learned just about everything there was to know about FedEx routes and dug into as many other routes as possible. I’ve worked (not just heard about) on just about every type of routes that’s out there: Pepperidge Farm, Flowers (Natures Own), Bimbo (Arnold), FedEx, Snyders-Lance, and Mission Tortilla. I know contractors from all of those routes, and I’ve owned several routes myself.

Over the years, I’ve bought, sold, flipped, managed, ran, brokered, and consulted on routes. 

For years now, I’ve really enjoyed working with people to help them build their business around routes. I’ve helped a lot of people save countless hours and a ton of money in negotiations (or avoiding the route altogether). I’ve also worked with all sorts of people with goals from just making an income of $50k working a bread route to escape their corporate drudgery, or people coming from highly successful business backgrounds looking to make $200-500k in FedEx routes. 

I’m excited to work with you and help you as quickly as I can. Click on the consultation link and let’s get started!

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